Terms of service

  • I reserve the right to deny a commission for any reason

  • Credit will go to you as the commissioner but I also will post the piece on socials for my portfolio, with my signature and watermark

  • Can be used in any way non-commercially as long as I'm credited. Don't resell my art. Use among friends is okay.

  • Prices are in USD, payment is through Paypal via invoice (Ko-fi only for donations/mini sketches)

  • Payment must be in full before I will start working

  • For Ko-fi works please message me first before donating to be sure I see it and accept

  • Time to finish a piece may vary due to my day job, but I will provide progress updates!

  • Will: OC's, fanart, light gore, fashion, character/weapon design, simple BGs

  • Will Not: Mecha, furry, nsfw, age-gap/incest/ect, large multi-character scenes

  • Fanfiction disclaimer: Fanfiction and paid writing is not permitted on AO3, written works are posted to my blog and a hardcopy is given to the buyer. I am not responsible for bans should you post a work to a site prohibiting this. Please always credit me as well when sharing.


Icon- $10
Waist Up- $15
Full Body- $20

Colored Sketches:
Icon- $20
Waist Up- $25
Full Body- $35

Icon- $25
Waist Up- $35
Full Body- $55

Outfit Development- $75
Character Sheet- $85
Character Sheet with Detailing- $95

Full Dev Pack (Detailing sheet + 3 outfits sketches + extra bust) - $200

General Add Ons:
Extra character + $10
Light shading (I do a mix of styles) + $15


100-2000 Words- $20
2000-5000 Words- $30

Original (OC's, independent stories, DND, ect):
100-2000 Words- $30
2000-5000 Words- $50

Blogs/Essays: Priced per topic- please email me for options!

Proofreading: Email me for my professional rates. Focus is on grammar, flow, readability, basic science and fact checking, as well as references. Can do personal projects, games, blogs, and other miscellanea, as well as fanfiction. Can be freelance or long term depending on project and terms.
I am not a qualified sensitivity reader, but as a writer I always encourage finding one for your works whenever possible.

Ko-Fi Comms:
Sketch- $6
Moodboard- $10